Explore our wines Winemaking concept

Winemaking processes at Casa Rivas are oriented to produce Premium quality wines.

To reach the expected characteristics of each wine the first step take place at the vineyard itself, with all the management carried out during the year and with the harvest as well. In fact, harvest is scheduled over three different periods –that is- over three ripening stages, so as to get a higher level of aromatic notes and –in that way- get to elaborate a more complex blend.

By the same way, vinification process aim to obtain wines with high concentration and volume on palate and, in the case of red wines, we look to obtain varietal aromas, highlighting the ripe fruit and spice features of each variety. In addition, we look to produce lively colour wines, containing smooth and velvety tannins. This gives way to a round medium/high volume wine with character and, at the same time, consumer friendly.